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Obama Plans Higher Pay for Teachers

The Obama administration has always shown support for education in the United States. President Barack Obama calls on congress to pass education reforms for his Obama-Biden plan. These education plans that President Obama pushes through promise to restore the quality of America’s public education and will ensure the future of America through children’s creativity and adequate teaching. Some of the plans included in the Obama-Biden plan include the Zero to Five plan, No Child Left Behind Reform, and the Reward Teachers plan. For President Obama, rewarding good teachers is very important because the teacher is the most important factor in the child’s learning in the classroom. Research confirms that teachers play a very important role in the success of students.

It is the teachers who are able to reach out to students most often, and they have a very challenging role in the educating and shaping of the students minds. This is why President Obama insists on improving the performance standards of teachers. He wants more accountability for teachers, and one of the ways to push teachers towards quality performance is to give them rewards such as a higher salary. The President wants teachers to be trained and allowed to perform like the professionals that they are. This new approach to education plans to increase the teacher’s salary up to as much as $150,000 annually, if possible.

Sarah Palin Chooses Not To Disclose Her Presidential Bet

Former US vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin already chose who to root for in the on-going tussle for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party during a district convention in her home town of Wasilla, Alaska. However, the ex-governor refuses to name her presidential bet.

A field reporter for CNN caught Palin after she cast her ballot and asked her who gets her support. Palin declined to be specific and would rather keep her silence on the matter.

“I would not tell you who I voted for in this presidential preference poll,” Palin flatly told the reporter. The former running mate of John McCain during the 2008 US presidential election also expressed her interest to see the current presidential nominees go through the long process of selection.

“I do believe that competition makes all of our candidates better,” Palin said.

Palin’s husband Todd already announced that he is supporting Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign.

The interview also provided Palin a platform to hurl some comments against President Barack Obama and his administration. Palin has been a vocal critic of Obama and his policies, especially on the War on Terror campaign and the rising deficits of the government.

“I want to see the process continue, more debate about who it is who can bust through the Orwellian Obama rhetoric and pandering that we see in the incumbent.

The Flaws of the Two-Party System

Perhaps one of the most unique features of how politics works in the United States is the two-party system. On one side there is the Republican Party. On the other end, there is the Democratic Party. While there are other political organizations that exist in the United States, only the two mentioned gets any real attention on a national scale, mainly because it has been that way for as long as any of us can remember.

For years, there have been organizations and independent individuals who have tried to break the two-party system to introduce their own brand of politics. Texan Ross Perot ran for president in 1992 and 1996 and received 19% and 8.5% of the total number of votes respectively. Perot is the only independent candidate to garner that many votes. Another independent candidate, Howard Phillips, also ran twice, both in 1992 and 1996. None of them succeeded.

As they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and even today many people believe that the two-party system has been working well for the United States. It is not hard to understand that most people tend to side with tradition, especially if concepts like familiarity and loyalty are part of the equation. There are more than 300 million Americans living right now and about 170 million are registered to vote. 72 million are registered as Democrats while the Republicans have 55 million. Around 42 million are registered as independent voters. Basically, it is a numbers game.

Occupy Movement Still Going Strong

Despite reduced global news coverage of the movement, the Occupy Wall Street movement and it’s many subsidiaries are still in full swing.

In the past 24 hours, peaceful student protesters were reportedly fired upon with rubber bullets by the police.

This uncalled for brutality is nothing new:

… Unsurprisingly, internet commentators have been pointing out that while our president has always been quick to condemn police brutality in conflicts abroad, he has remained largely silent about what is now occurring here at home.


A New Economy Blueprint Promised

In his speech this coming Tuesday Obama has said he will outline the blueprint for a new economy- “built to last,” where “everyone gets a fair shot.”  Sounds like an indirect response to the mutterings of Wall St protesters and the unemployed! How does he propose to do it? With a huge slide in popularity since election and the majority of voters admitting disapproval of his financial track record, a ‘new blueprint’ sounds promising but hopelessly vague- like some of the election promises that were made and broken from the beginning of his term.

Unbalanced Union Support?

Always an outspoken “pro-union guy,” Obama has pushed through a new law requiring workplaces to convey union messages to their employees. Over 6 million businesses, many of them small, will be required to hang a poster advertising union right such as wearing union paraphernalia in the workplace, openly discussing wages and benefits with other employees, as well as striking and picketing.

Informing workers of their options may not be a bad thing, but forcing workplaces to be the ones to do it is another thing entirely. Insiders have drawn the link between this strong push on behalf of the unions and the millions of dollars they donated to Obama’s last election campaign.