Tekken 7 Review, The Best Tekken Series

Heihachi Mishima VS Akuma Gouki

Tekken 7 is a development of the previous Tekken games Tekken 6. This game is amazing.
Not feel Heihachi Mishima has been 20 years in Tekken until init. And today also have no new parent figure named Akuma. Akuma is taken from a character in Street Fighter, with a stance similar to and even more powerful than Ryu. Akuma did his master Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.
Namco Bandai has successfully combine between Street Fighter and Tekken. In addition, the new character also has their own story in the game. It is the benchmark the success of the merger of two fighting game series, outside of public reaction on this game.
Tekken 7 using the engine Unreal Engine 4. Gameplay and character portrayal to be better than the previous series. Even the latest Mortal Kombat X Tekken 7 is lost. His movements were very smooth and the graphics are very cool effect. Any amazing games also can be read for their review at divinebuzz.com.
However, due to pure 3D graphics, some players sometimes like to feel heavy in view fight in this game. Some want to go back to the classic version 2.5D.
Akuma as the old character will fight Heihachi Mishima are equally old. Akuma has named Hetso Hadouken, the secret that will hurt your opponent as much as possible. This resulted Akuma become one of Tekken 7 hero in this.
Akuma addition, many other characters that have additional capabilities as well. All the characters in this Tekken games have tantrums stance called "Rage Arts".
When the players live 25% blood or lower, the character will glow red. Repeat with a couple of punches and a certain key combination to performing "Rage Arts". Movement "Rage Arts" is very cool and different every character. Tekken 7 can be addicted for you.
"Rage Arts" resulted in angry outbursts and reduces blood characters opponent. When in a particular movement, the graphics will terslow motion and zooming that looks cool and fantastic.
Tekken 7 develops almost all aspects of the previous Tekken. Namco Bandai will not disappoint gamers Tekken. Tekken 7 is very impressive in all respects and you shall give it a try.