About Us

We are a group of longtime supporters of transformative left and progressive politics who recognized early on the potential consequences of an Obama victory for movements striving for social justice. As a result of our prescient criticisms we were the target of direct hostility, indirect condescension and overt censorship from many “alternative” media outlets as well as banned from the discussions on certain websites.

However, we are not seeking an apology, what we’d like now in response is an acknowledgement that the Obama administration deserves outrage and opposition. It is our hope that the figures appealed to in this letter will now stand up and join us in opposing this administration and its reckless policies.

Activism should not be partisan. It ought to be principled.

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*Please note, not all signers of the Open Letter to the Left Establishment have reviewed or endorsed the opinions of the additional material on this site. Each, however, supports the Open Letter.