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Obama Plans Higher Pay for Teachers

The Obama administration has always shown support for education in the United States. President Barack Obama calls on congress to pass education reforms for his Obama-Biden plan. These education plans that President Obama pushes through promise to restore the quality of America’s public education and will ensure the future of America through children’s creativity and adequate teaching. Some of the plans included in the Obama-Biden plan include the Zero to Five plan, No Child Left Behind Reform, and the Reward Teachers plan. For President Obama, rewarding good teachers is very important because the teacher is the most important factor in the child’s learning in the classroom. Research confirms that teachers play a very important role in the success of students.

It is the teachers who are able to reach out to students most often, and they have a very challenging role in the educating and shaping of the students minds. This is why President Obama insists on improving the performance standards of teachers. He wants more accountability for teachers, and one of the ways to push teachers towards quality performance is to give them rewards such as a higher salary. The President wants teachers to be trained and allowed to perform like the professionals that they are. This new approach to education plans to increase the teacher’s salary up to as much as $150,000 annually, if possible.

Obama wants to extend the education in the United States as well as raise the U.S. wages for teachers to further improve education in America. Obama sited that students from other countries around the world go to school on average a month longer than those in the United States. This one month creates such a big difference that it puts the other countries at an advantage and gives them an economic edge. Obama said that the students should be competent in areas such as math and science, as these are the subject areas where American students lag behind other countries.

The President also supports merit pay for teachers. Merit pay means that the teachers will be given salaries or bonuses based on their performance and on the results they produce in class. Merit pay for teachers could mean that they get paid bonuses based on an assessment of what students have learned. Merit pay also means additional pay for teachers working in high risk schools. Money would also be given to teachers specializing in subjects like science, math, and special needs. Another set of teachers who can benefit from merit pay are those who take on leadership roles and to those who complete higher education such as an additional degree or certification.…

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