What Is Left Establishment ?

A self identified leftist, progressive or leftist/progressive organizations with connections and/or direct access to high traffic websites, network television networks, major publishing houses, “alternative” news weeklies, and also to foundations and progressive think tanks. Seen by the alternative and mainstream media as “credible” voices for progressive causes-regardless of whether the actual positions endorsed by them (most notably support for an objectively reactionary candidate) are in any way definable as progressive, let alone leftist.

Their responsibility: The Left Establishment functioned as an enthusiastic sales force for what the campaign itself referred to as “Brand Obama”. (See what they were saying). They continued to do so long after it became obvious that the Obama administration was hostile to the left agenda and to leftists themselves.

New Voices Wanted: The left needs a principled, unapologetic commitment both to transformative anti-capitalist governance and to protest and resistance on the scale and intensity necessary to bring it about. We would welcome all to join in our efforts to achieve these goals.

*Please note, not all signers of the Open Letter to the Left Establishment have reviewed or endorsed the opinions of the additional material on this site. Each, however, supports the Open Letter.

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